Don’t Get Gypped When You Ship 

shipping e-commerce expenseControlling eCommerce Shipping Costs

Cost with eCommerce returns can offset a profit in lightning speed. Damage control for shipping is becoming more important today as most products are being bought online. If you’re not looking to throw away more money, then look at these tips to help control your eCommerce shipping costs.

Tip 1: It’s All in the Handlers 

Select a company who is reliable and respectful of your goods. Be sure to find reputable people to manage your items who offer shipping insurance. Tracking the packages during transit and pre-delivery is also a big responsibility where most trustworthy companies will take recourse on missing items. Beyond all, the handlers are professional packers who understand the importance and take pride in their jobs ultimately delivering quality of results.

Tip 2: Shrinkage Starts and Stops with Packaging 

Several issues arise from the warehouse to delivery destination.  From flooding to dropping the package anything is possible where using appropriate dunnage and packaging is key for protection.

The pros ensure safe packing with plenty of wrapping or cushion without overusing .

Tip 3: Damage Control Uses the Rule, Less is More

Many times, the cost of doing business happens before the item ever leaves the warehouse. Overused packaging materials can be very expensive. In addition, sturdy boxes that can resist impact and act as a shock absorber are crucial to ensure your products reach the final destination in one piece without excessive eCommerce shipping costs.

Tip 4: Use the Right Packaging Materials for the Job 

Your shipping company can make suggestions for using the right materials for the job. Things like solid plastics, bubble wrap and air pillows may be more suitable depending on the items you are delivering.  But, if you need to cut back costs and still want to avoid damage, items like kraft paper and wood chips might be a good alternative.

Tip 5: Thieves, Rodents and Other Damaging Elements 

Since the world of eCommerce is exploding, there are more factors to determine during the pre-shipping stage. For instance, rodents can be a nuisance when shipping things like food. Also, porch thieves are more prevalent and not just during the holidays. Not to mention, if they leave your package in the rain, water can significantly damage the contents inside the box. The company you select to move your items to their recipients will ensure they address these potential hazards prior to items leaving the warehouse. While the cost may be more for the delivery, it should offset the eCommerce shipping cost of returning damaged items.

Tip 6: Use a Tracking System and Keep a Log of Packages

You could lose future business if you’re not keeping track of your eCommerce shipping costs. Determine who, what, where and how the packages became damaged and use a tracking system where you’re keeping a log of the occurrences. Sometimes, you may need to get more involved with the shippers or stop using them altogether.

These are just a few ways to prevent damage and keep your customers happy. It’s not realistic to think you’ll have a 100% batting average with shipping your eCommerce items. However, by following these quick tips, you will be on the fulfillment cutting edge without losing as much in the long run.

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