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** Pricing below is for standard picking for Florida fulfillment. **

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Refer to the below examples to understand our pricing

0-500 = $2.90 – 501-1,000 = $2.45 – 1,001-2,500 = $2.20 – 2,501-5,000 = $1.95 – 5,001-10,000 = $1.75

Exp: Qty 750-(500*$2.90) + (250*$2.45)=$2062.50
Exp: Qty 2,250- (500*$2.90) + (500*$2.45) + (1,250*$2.20) = $5425
Exp: Qty 4,000- (500*$2.90) + (500*$2.45) + (1500*$2.20) + (1500*$1.95) = $8900
Exp: Qty 8,000- (500*$2.90)+(500*$2.45)+(1,500*$2.20)+(2,500*$1.95)+(3,000*$1.75) = $16,100

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Marketing Materials, Flyers, of Special Packaging
$2.90 + 1.00/additional item
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ShipJoy’s founding team all have decades of success in B2B shipping and fulfillment. After seeing what the B2C shipping companies offered to customers, we knew their needs weren’t being met. They deserved something better, something less difficult, something with joy!

We founded ShipJoy because we knew eCommerce entrepreneurs deserved better, and we had the experience to deliver. After building the infrastructure and implementing the best technology, we are proud to offer eCommerce companies complete solutions to streamline their businesses. In doing so, we unlock new growth, slash waste, and maximize your potential. Contact us today to bring more joy into your business.