Automating & Accelerating eCommerce Growth

If you run your own business and want to see it grow, you’re going to have to focus on e-fulfillment. Whether you’re just starting out and are packing and posting your sold products at your local post office yourself, or whether you’re running a large scale warehouse that requires product picking, packing, and shipping, you need to make sure that you maximize your service through e-fulfillment to get the best results and the happiest customers.


What is e-fulfillment?


E-fulfillment is one of the most important processes when it comes to eCommerce Growth. The term is short for “e-commerce fulfillment” and it encompasses the process of fulfilling and shipping customers’ orders. The process includes:


  • Receiving inventory
  • Storing inventory
  • Processing orders
  • Picking and packing products
  • Shipping packages
  • Processing returns


Why use an e-fulfillment service?


As you can see from above, the e-fulfillment process is lengthy, time-consuming and deals with a whole array of necessary activities for your eCommerce growth. While all of these steps need to be taken to ensure that customers’ packages arrive on time and in good condition, it can be hard for you to complete all of these steps yourself. An e-fulfillment service provider can take the hard work off your hands and take care of this process for you.

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What is a provider?


An e-fulfillment provider will help you to automate and accelerate your eCommerce growth. ShipJoy takes care of your e-fulfillment process by:


  • Receiving and sorting your inventory
  • Shelving and storing your inventory
  • Picking and packing items once orders have been placed
  • Labeling and shipping items to be sent to customers
  • Delivering your orders to their destination


This lifts and weight from your shoulders and ensures that you provide your customers with the best service possible!

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