Setting Up Square To Grow Your e-Commerce Business

E-commerce businesses are experiencing exceptional growth at the moment. While the pandemic has had a negative effect on many companies, one area that is thriving at the moment is e-commerce. This is something you can make the most of by setting up Square and managing order fulfillment via this platform.

Leveraging Square To Grow Your e-Commerce Business

Square Online gives you the ability to accept orders online. You can work with a developer or you can integrate an e-commerce partner. Once you begin the process of starting to accept orders, numerous fulfillment types can be tracked and managed via the Square POS app and the online Square dashboard. This makes it incredibly easy for you to have full visibility and to see where you are at.

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Setting Up Square

To set up Square Online. You simply need to head to the website where you can get started for free. You can opt to either set-up a full e-commerce website with numerous pages or you can choose to establish a single ordering page. After you have made your choice, click on the ‘Next’ button. Finally, select a fulfillment and business type. It really is that straightforward. 


From the dashboard, you will be able to integrate an order partner if you wish to do so. Simply click on ‘Orders’ and then head to ‘Order Partners’ to do this.

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