Preparing For Black Friday Shipping

The coronavirus pandemic has radically shifted how customers are buying products online. This is important to keep in mind as your company prepares for one of the most important sales events of the year: Black Friday. At ShipJoy, we have some smart ideas on how to prepare for Black Friday shipping and ensure that you do tap into a market of buyers searching for a great deal this year.

Test Your Website

Our first piece of advice before you even think about order fulfillment is to make sure that you are testing how your site operates. If your site crashes or is slow to load for customers, they will immediately be turned off and you could lose a lot of sales.

Test your website speed here.

You need to prepare for the higher volume of traffic that you almost certainly will witness during this time of year. To do this, it’s just a case of getting in touch with your hosting service. They can help you upgrade your site if necessary to guarantee that it works beautifully.

Don’t Forget Mobile

When you do test your website for load issues, you need to make sure that your site does run smoothly on mobile. This is going to make order fulfillment a lot easier. Don’t forget, the majority of the traffic to your site does now come from mobile devices. So, it makes sense to put the focus on these types of platforms. You need to think about how to improve issues with your bounce rate. A bounce rate that is too high is going to cripple your business during this time of year.

Start Early

At ShipJoy, we think it’s important that e-commerce sellers do get a jump start on the Black Friday shipping deals and the savings that they are offering customers. It seems that ‘early’ sales are being offered earlier every year. This is definitely going to be an important trend at a time where a lot of sellers are fighting to maintain their profitability in a difficult economy. Make sure that you update your store to advertise Black Friday order fulfillment options and other key pieces of info before Thanksgiving.

Set Up Retargeting

Finally, you should make sure that you are retargeting customers. Retargeting uses cookies to follow and track users online. Once they visit your site, if they don’t buy what they were viewing, you can remind them of your company with an ad for a product you sell. This can appear on any other page they are visiting. Research suggests that customer retargeting is effective and this is just one form. You can also consider using other options like email and Facebook to bring your customers back around to your business.

We hope this helps when preparing your company for Black Friday Shipping. Remember, if you need more support, we can help. At Shipjoy, we specialize in delivering shipping outsourcing solutions that make sure customers get your products with a solution that is easy, affordable, and accessible for a wide range of different e-commerce sellers. We’ll help you prepare for the biggest sales event of the year the right way. Get Your Free Quote Today.