Dial-In Your eCommerce Customer Service


Over the past years, over 64% of eCommerce users leveraged customer services to get their questions answered. Moreover, Gartner shows us that the real competition among businesses today is to offer unparalleled customer service. And, even if your business is purely remote, implementing the right eCommerce customer service strategy is paramount, as well as beneficial fulfillment partners such as ShipJoy.

What Your eCommerce Customer Service Can Do for Your Business

Zendesk shows us how over half of consumers are inspired to complete another purchase after a positive customer service encounter. And, up to 90% of users are influenced by positive reviews. However, customer service can do much more than this!

Improve Brand Image

Especially if you run an eCommerce company, your customer service communication might be the only occasion for your building to get in touch with the audience. This can be extremely beneficial for your brand image if you can communicate it in the right way!

Encourage Returning Customers

High-value customers are those who already love your products and are likely to return. Convince them by streamlining your customer service and implementing fulfillment options such as ShipJoy.

Learn More About Your Customers

Getting in touch with your audience as an online business can be challenging. So, you can make the most out of your customer service to get the necessary feedback and personalize your most loyal customers’ experience.

Your eCommerce Customer Service Channels

  • Live Chat
  • Online Forms
  • Social Media Direct Message
  • Emails
  • Your eCommerce fulfillment partner 9companies such as ShipJoy will work with you to deliver unparalleled customer services.


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