Holiday Shipping & Order Fulfillment

Are you preparing to arrange holiday shipping in your business? At ShipJoy, we have gathered together the numerous key points that you need to consider to ensure that you get ready the right way.

The holidays mean there is massive potential for e-commerce sellers. Every year, Americans spend trillions on gifts and products that they need. That’s why it’s important to ensure that your business is ready for order fulfillment during this time. There’s more potential than ever this year too, due to retail stores being shut down and unable to compete in the same way that they used to. Customers will be turning more of their attention to online sellers. So, what does this mean for you?

How Are Things Different This Year?

It’s important to recognize that customers will have already experienced issues with order fulfillment this year. Through the pandemic, a high number of shoppers were experiencing both delays and issues with products being out of the shop. When you’re preparing your holiday shipping services, you can’t let this become a problem again.

The good news is that supply chains are now stable with the right support, there’s no reason why you should have to disappoint your customers. You can give them what they need without delay. That’s important because, in polls, customers are claiming that faster deliveries are their dop desire and requirement when choosing a business to buy from.

Don’t Just Favor The Key Holidays

When you are setting up order fulfillment in your business, it’s worth noting that there are more holidays to prepare for than you might have previously assumed. While Christmas and Thanksgiving are critical, there’s also Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday, and Super Saturday to name just a few. All of these possibilities could represent a fantastic level of potential for your business if you are prepared.

Shipping Deadlines

Do note that there are different shipping deadlines for each individual company. For instance, Amazon wants to ensure that inventory from suppliers arrives at their fulfillment center before November 1st. In contrast UPS next day shipping needs to be ready by December 18th. While the Shipping deadline for Fed-Ex differs depending on the solution that you opt for. This does mean that some businesses are more flexible than others in terms of when you need to prepare your products for delivery.

It is worth checking the guidelines and operation schedule for different services to ensure that your deliveries are completed on time. If you don’t do this, you could end up with numerous unhappy customers. This could damage the reputation and the brand identity of your business in the long term as well as through the holiday season.

Are you stressed about holiday shipping with your eCommerce business? At ShipJoy, we can help. We provide a fully managed solution to ensure that there are no issues with order fulfillment in your business during these critical times of the year. We can provide a complete customized service to guarantee that customers get your products on time without delay.


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