Optimize Your Order Management Systems

The process of managing sales orders and fulfillment is pretty easy when you’re just starting out and your sales volume is low. You’re faced with a challenge as you scale your online store and orders start to arrive. Do you know how to manage all of these orders efficiently, without spending hours each day stuck in spreadsheets or drowning in handwritten lists?

An efficient ordering process is essential. As well as a few pitfalls you’ll want to avoid, this article will show you how to create an efficient process for completing customer orders and how Shipjoy can help you to achieve this. 


Keeping track of order status is a crucial aspect of any order management system. Here are 6 of the major issues associated with order processing.

Adjustments To Inventories

The inventory at a traditional, brick-and-mortar store is constantly on display, so it’s pretty easy to track. It’s a lot more difficult to keep track of your stock levels when you’re selling online, through multiple platforms like Shopify, Amazon, Instagram, and others. For this reason, you need a system that handles order fulfillment and inventory management simultaneously.

Customer Communication With Order Management Systems

Customer communications should not be neglected in favor of focusing on internal operations. The buyers of today expect to receive status updates, so if you arrive too late, you will probably lose their business. It’s super easy to keep your clients informed throughout the order management cycle. All you need is an order management systems like Shipjoy to send automated updates to your purchasers in real-time. Have all payments been processed? Please send them an email! Have you sent the order for delivery? Please let them know!

Address Shipping Issues 

Most likely, you won’t be able to deliver every order yourself. You’ll probably use a third-party shipping provider, which is inevitably risky. Your customer will turn to you for answers if there is a problem with delivery – such as a late order – not your delivery partner.


Therefore, it goes without saying that you need to select a delivery company that you can trust. In addition to this, you need a system that is easy to integrate with your own.


This will enable you to access all the information you need about the delivery of your order without having to chase down the courier. Even problems such as late deliveries may be avoided if you are proactive.


Your shipping partner should be using the same system as you – ahem, Shipjoy.com – but don’t worry if they don’t.

Handling Returns

Customers sometimes return orders, so keep that in mind. There may be a reason why they are returning the product, such as the product not being suitable, faulty, or they have changed their minds. It is obvious that you’ll need to decide how you’re going to handle returns, but you can’t avoid this. Therefore, when you’re setting up your order management system, be sure to create a separate board to manage returns, rather than having to wait until you receive your first return. Additionally, you should make sure to set up your inventory dashboard so, where appropriate, return items are put back into it.

Shipjoy is an order fulfillment provider that has brilliant technology including built-in order management tools, and integrations with other leading OMS tools. Shipjoy can help you stay organized and on top of your fulfillment process.