How To Reinvest Your Time After Outsourcing Fulfillment

If orders are increasing for your business, congratulations! With more products to ship out and more room necessary to store items, your next best step might be outsourcing fulfillment. Once you do so, you’ll likely find you have more time on your hands. So, what is the best way to spend that extra time?

1. Invest Your Time Wisely

When you first began the business, you likely were spending half your day boxing and shipping merchandise. Now that you have a reliable fulfillment service provider like ShipJoy to do that for you, you can be more mindful with your time.

As we work through the corona chaos, now is the time to enjoy quality moments with loved ones. Take time to connect at home as you mentally recharge your batteries. Then, when you return to the office, you’ll feel reinvigorated and have fresh ideas about how to take the business forward.

2. Create New Products

With the extra time you now have because you’re outsourcing fulfillment, why not spend part of it developing new products or services? If you’ve been wanting to add to a product line but haven’t found an hour here and there to brainstorm ideas, now is a great time to do so!

If you’re not sure where to start, why not think about where there’s a need and how you can fill in that opportunity. See what the competition is offering and if their item is lacking anything that you could provide instead. Next, work on the concept and test the prototype thoroughly before launching it.

3. Strengthen Your Business Reputation

It’s always important to take stock of how well your brand is doing and adjust anything as needed. As you won’t have to worry about fulfillment anymore now that you’ve outsourced it, now you can set to building a recognizable brand.

For example, you might look at redesigning the logo or website, or establish a brand mission statement if you don’t already have one. Continue to share your brand personality to appeal to the target audience.

4. Marketing Activities

If you weren’t previously able to spend time marketing your products on social media and elsewhere online as it would have meant you couldn’t keep up with shipping orders on time, now you can do so. You’re in capable hands with ShipJoy handling fulfillment.

Put your focus on marketing to help attract new customers. For example, consider sending out emails and newsletters to your website subscribers that offer specials and discounts. Rest assured, orders will fulfill on time, even when you’re busier than before, now that you’re working with a capable fulfillment provider.

5. Inventory Tasks

Managing inventory doesn’t have to go out of the window when you partner with a fulfillment service like ShipJoy. Instead, appreciate the support you receive at all steps of the process.

ShipJoy uses advanced technology to support the inventory, as well as orders, shipping, and purchasing activities. By watching stock weekly, you’ll see at a glance what’s available, what needs ordering, and how different products are doing, so you can make the best decisions to ensure all orders get met for happy customers.

If you want more time for building your business rather than fulfilling orders, contact us now to start doing exactly that.