Finding Your eCommerce Niche

eCommerce Niche

If you are a new business that may be unsure what your eCommerce niche is then you are in the right place. Understanding what you want to sell and what you think will sell well may sound easy enough but deciding on a niche that will sell is usually one of the most overlooked parts of launching a business. If you were to pick a niche or not pick a niche and it is not popular then that can lead to a failed launch and it can be hard to bounce back from that as a new business.


If you are having trouble understanding what your niche may be then this guide should give you a better understanding and allow you to figure out what your niche can be for your business.


What Is a Niche For eCommerce?


Firstly let’s look at what a niche would be, it basically is the product categories that would be linked through a common theme. It can be specific things like spotty boots for little dogs or a more broad thing like a business that makes eco cups for coffee shops. No matter what it is, a niche is the start point for a business that sells a product. Make sure you understand a niche as things like clothing would have too many subcategories to be defined as a niche make sure you are pinpointing a specific demographic to make it a niche.


How You Can Choose Your eCommerce Niche


  1. Decide on a problem that needs solving


The best place we think to start a business is to be passionate about something and know that there is something you think is underrepresented or needs help to be improved. If you haven’t thought about something you would think needs help to change or representing then research it, ask others around you, and brainstorm some ideas that would be of interest to you.


  1. Run checks on your idea


Now is the time to do some research on your passion or idea so you know what to aim for and what to expect. You need to be looking at things like market size and who your major competitors are going to be, trends and popularity of your niche over the years, the kind of customers you will and want to attract with your product, keywords people are searching for in relation to the niche, the cost to order and the profits people have seen with this product and finally any limitations your product may have, like is it restricted or under any regulations. If you have researched and the niche is not what you want or thought then rethink and start again.


  1. See-through the creation


Now you have decided on and researched your niche this is the time where you start getting creative and create the products and start ironing out the kinks, you may hit some barriers here with your niche but don’t let that stop you if you’re committed then see it through and break down those barriers and keep trying.


If you are looking to find your niche then hopefully this guide will help you get started and find the niche for your eCommerce business. Should you require any help with your eCommerce business then contact us for a quote.

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