Top Ecommerce Industries of 2020

eCommerce is the booming industry of our times. The internet has revolutionized so many parts of our lives, and the way we shop is definitely one of them, as ShipJoy knows.  From plus-sized clothing to foreign beauty products and tech gadgets, consumers turn to the web to source what they need. That’s why specialization is so important. In today’s crowded global marketplace, in order to stand out, you need to have a niche. All the best growth opportunities and Top eCommerce Industries to get into now are ones that tailor to a particular segment of the audience – with the internet giving them a worldwide opportunity to excel within that sector. 


ShipJoy has processed data from 2019 to predict the top eCommerce industries of 2020 – these include health supplements – especially those which are probiotic and aimed at regulating the gut microbiome, CBD products to promote relaxation and help with anxiety and sleeplessness, eco-friendly personal care –  items such as deodorant and shower gels that can also work in the current pandemic by offering hand sanitizer and other germ-fighting products. As well as these top eCommerce industries, there are also considerable growth opportunities in categories such as ethical fashion, electronic goods, and entertainment. 


Once you’ve established an audience demand and come up with a unique offering, consider what other factors build customer loyalty. These can include points programs, personalized product recommendations, and expedited shipping, which can be explored with ShipJoy –  all things which consumers state as being important factors in their purchasing decisions. 


Finding the right price point is a challenge, but with a little research, you should be able to find a balance of profitability and customer attraction. It’s also important to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to monitoring trends. There may be things which are temporarily subject to a burst of interest, and then longer-term trends such as eco-friendly credentials or brands that support a charitable cause among the top eCommerce industries. Identifying which of these align with your interests and brand values can help you to create longevity and build a loyal customer base.


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