Top 5 eCommerce Platforms of 2021

Building an eCommerce website has never been easier. Today, entrepreneurs have access to a range of powerful platforms that provide virtually every service they need to get up and running. 


There are a vast range of eCommerce platforms out there. Here are our top five. 




ShipJoy’s founders launched the platform to solve the logistics, oversight and shipping problems faced by today’s eCommerce companies. They had a vision to bring together a team of experts with decades of experience who could solve B2B fulfillment requirements. Over time, they built a reputation for reliability and strategic insights – something that has kept their clients happy for decades. Now the firm offers multi-channel, retail and subscription box fulfillment as well as FBA prep services and seller-fulfilled Prime. 




Bigcommerce got its start in 2009, making it a relative newcomer to the eCommerce platform scene. However, it grew fast and is now listed on the Nasdaq stock index. 


Bigcommerce achieved success by providing eCommerce companies with a range of templates and themes that they could use to get their companies up and running quickly. Users simply design their store and then the platform takes care of the rest for them, including CMS features. 


Users also benefit from honed SEO and flexible product management. There are more than 40 pre-integrated payment gateways and Bigcommerce allows brands to customize their shipping options with ease. 




CoreCommerce is a platform that primarily focuses on small and medium-sized businesses. While it is flexible, it is primarily for brands looking for something simple and transparent. CoreCommerce eliminates as much of the technical complexity as it can. 


Despite this, the level of functionality offered by CoreCommerce is impressive. Brands that sign up to the service benefit from marketing, order processing, store design and product management tools. The people behind the service also promise 99.9 percent uptime and offer a free trial for any company who isn’t 100 percent sold on the concept. 




Shift4Shop is a less well-known eCommerce brand, but it more than deserves its place in our top five for 2021. It’s easy to use, has a bunch of innovative features, and plenty of additional services to make your life easier. 


Shift4Shop originally began offering brand services in 1997 under the name 3dcart. It saw an opportunity to incorporate as many eCommerce features into a single platform as possible, including gift-wrapping modules, purchase order systems, and consumer-facing loyalty programs. The storefront part of the software features a quick edit bar that makes it easy to make changes on the fly. 




To conclude, PrestaShop deserves a mention on our list. Founded in 2007, this cloud-based service offers exceptional overall value. While you’ll need to pay for web hosting and an SSL certificate, you can get most of the modules you need for your store for zero money down. Yes – you may have to pay a developer if you don’t know HTML, PHP or CSS. However, the open code system gives you more flexibility to play with features, such as payment gateways, compared to other platforms.