Make Q4 Your Biggest One Yet!

Q4 is nearly upon us, and the joys of the holiday season always provide a welcome boost to sales and reinforce the need for efficient order fulfillment for both e-commerce outlets and physical stores. 2020 saw a 32% increase in sales from 2019, and it is predicted that Q4 in 2021 is likely to be better. 

Let’s look at how you can prepare yourself for your busiest quarter of the year. Look at market trends, your budget and order fulfillment options, and your capacity for holding inventory for orders. If you need to make any changes now if the time to get them put into place to allow you to hit Q4 running

Advanced Plans

It is never too early to get your plan in place for the upcoming quarter. Be aware of lead times for order fulfillment and put plans into place to allow you to accommodate any delays or short supply coming into this quarter in your industry if you need to make any changes now if the time to get them to put into place to allow you to hit Q4 running.

Put a strategy in place to benefit from increased demand to optimize your sales. Sellers can make up to or even more than half of their annual income in Q4 alone.

Market Trends

If the past few years have taught us anything, the market is constantly evolving, and demand can change on a dime. So how do you use this to your advantage? You need to be proactive in analyzing market trends in your industry and beyond and acting fast to get ahead of the curve to meet new and emerging trends and capitalize before your competitors do. 

Monitor Inventory and Product Listings

Use this time to get your inventory in order and make sure you are fully stocked to increase sales over the holiday period. Organize your stock levels or your warehouse to maximize efficiency and allow your employees to get orders packed quickly.

Ensure a continuous supply of packaging materials and allow your employees to maintain a productive work environment to rotate stock, avoid overstock, and reduce damage and waste during the business quarter of the year.

Marketing Campaigns

Have your marketing ready before the holidays arrive so you can rotate through the different holidays and just your delivery and lead times for order fulfillment. Use listings to create social media posts for holiday-themed product bundles, create coupon codes, custom packaging, and more to support your sales.

Design your marketing materials, use Google My Business to support your e-commerce store, and create an effective email marketing campaign for your customers to share news of your holiday theme products and offers.

Choose a Reliable Partner

Shipjoy is your e-commerce fulfillment company that can assist you in expanding your operations to take advantage of the increase in demand during quarter four and work alongside you to thrive this holiday season. Lock your services in now to support your planning and prep before you head into Q4.