Creating Your Shipping Policy

ecommerce, shipping, return, policyEnsuring that your company has an eCommerce Shopping Policy document is a fundamental practice. It works well alongside your shipping strategy, to create efficiency and increase profitability.

The shipping policy is a compact document which highlights the relevant information around your shipping after an order is placed. It will most likely include crucial information such as the shipping costs, methods, delivery times and anything else relating to the sale.

It may be a little more comprehensive but the same information remains. You can inform you customers of the time of delivery, when they will expect their order and the shipping method, how it’s likely to arrive, which shows capability and a conscientious attitude towards your customers.

It should also include the relevant shipping costs, as this can lead to customer confusion or anger if this is not stated previously. It may include any international shipping expectations which include issues with the product, should it be broken or damaged, how it can be returned and how you can assist them with this. All of which protects your business in the long run.

This will include any restrictions to the product also, to ensure the customer is well verse with all your regulations, in case you are restricted in terms of location.

Keeping your shipping policy updated is key, depending upon your company and its regulations and how it may change over time. Often, every six months is a good time to look at renewing and updating your policy and checking all the elements still work effectively.