Getting Rid Of Deadstock

Deadstock is a problem for any e-commerce business. Deadstock means that the stock is not selling and is accruing costs to the company through storage and upkeep. Therefore, deadstock can harm the profit margins of any business. 


E-commerce businesses can suffer from deadstock by overestimating demand and over-ordering an item. Poor marketing may also mean the product has not reached its customer base. Another way an e-commerce business can suffer from deadstock is by not ensuring their products are of high quality, resulting in ineffective stock that cannot be sold. If your business is suffering from deadstock there are steps you can take to mitigate the loss on your business. 

Third-Party Logistics 

Outsourcing your inventory management to a specialist company who can help you accurately forecast demand and how effective marketing campaigns have been at moving stock. Shipjoy is a company that provides advanced analytics and reports while managing the storage and delivery of your complete stock inventory. They can help your company analyze how the stock is performing, when it is likely you may sell out, and based on past orders, the amount of stock you may need to fulfill future demand. Their expertise and top class service makes any e-commerce business more viable and ensures a high-quality delivery experience with your customers. 

Deadstock is a problem that can beset any e-commerce company but employing the services of Shipjoy, a third-party logistics company with a strong reputation for performance, will mitigate the chances that this problem will occur with your stock in the future. 

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