Avoiding Common eCommerce Fulfillment Problems

eCommerce fulfillment problems are the fastest route to losing your business. Thankfully the most common eCommerce fulfillment problems are easily addressed.

So, here they are and here’s how to fix them too.


When a customer orders a product from you, you need to be able to get it quickly. If your warehouse isn’t well organized or your communication with suppliers is delayed, you’re going to have trouble getting the inventory. All of this means shipping delays. Try to monitor real-time data on your inventory and ensure your warehouse workers are well experienced.

Damaged Inventory

There is nothing worse than when the product arrives with a customer, only for it to be incorrect or damaged. When a customer receives the wrong item, or something is damaged, it will cost you money to replace the product. Consider your packaging, make product protection a must. 

In the age of online reviews, this can be detrimental to your future business.

Shipping notifications

This is a small detail. However, customers appreciate it. Almost all eCommerce businesses offer tracking. Most people like to make sure that their packages are going to arrive at a specific time and day because of their home. 

Make sure you work with companies that have tracked shipping.

Shipping Costs

You need to keep your shipping cost reasonable and work out how to make sure you can charge for shipping without making a loss. The quickest way to set shipping costs is to do it by weight. 

Customer Service

Your customer service needs to be engaged and well trained. Customers with an issue will go to customer service immediately. If your customer service representative can’t do the job quickly and confidently, your customer will be very unhappy and likely not come back.


This is an incredibly common eCommerce fulfillment problem. When you buy from third parties, excellent communication is vital to your success in the business. It would be best if you only worked with suppliers who offer quick contact and high-quality services. Or you’ll lose money to pay for their mistakes.

Replacing Damaged or Lost Products

Replacing lost items can be costly, so consider purchasing shipping insurance for every item. Don’t charge customers for returning merchandise, or you are sure to have a slew of negative reviews. Offer them an easy return process in the form of a free return envelope and packaging labels.

Inventory Management

If you have something advertised on your website, but your customers cannot purchase, they will be frustrated. If you sell out of an item without realizing it because you have poor inventory management, you’re going to have to issue refunds and incentives. Develop an inventory management strategy to help you keep track of each item.

International shipping

Most international buyers do expect their products to be delivered promptly. And if international shipping is going to take too long with your company, they will go elsewhere. Offer a range of shipping options to international buyers. You might find they’re willing to pay more to get the product sooner.

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