The New Normal: Overnight Shipping

Many companies used to spend the time shipping during daylight hours. The new normal has meant that overnight shipping is stepping forward. It’s a great way to get an order into customers hands quickly and in a society where we are looking for instant gratification in everything, fast shipping is the answer. The demand for fast shipping is increasing right now, with customers ordering next day delivery on most items. It could be so tempting to offer something overnight shipping but you should really consider the costs before you do it.


Overnight shipping is the delivery option that guarantees that products will be delivered the next business day. It’s a fast delivery option, and most customers are willing to pay the price to get their items as fast as possible. There are pros and cons that come with overnight shipping, so let’s take a look at a few of those because with the right planning overnight shipping can be a great option.

The Pros

There really is one main pro of overnight shipping and that’s that your customers are going to get their products the next day. As a company that offers a quick delivery option, you will become a preferred supplier for most customers no matter whether it’s in a business space or in the retail space. You can exceed customer expectations and really push the last minute shopping to buy your products when you offer the next day delivery option.

The Cons

Overnight shipping tends to be quite expensive, and while your customers may be happy to pay a big portion if not all of the cost, what is the cost of your business? Your cost will rise and try to turn out products faster if you don’t have the inventory, and you also have to consider the weight of your packages, the amount of shipping zones that the packages have to travel and your ability to negotiate the shipping rate with a carrier. Overnight shipping is affordable if you plan, but it can get very expensive depending on the distance.


The good news is that you can work on negotiated rates with your overnight shipping so it doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think. If you work with a 3PL company that does a lot of business with larger carriers, they may be able to leverage their existing business to get clients overall rates that are lower.

The Right Solution

Almost all e-commerce businesses will offer an overnight shipping option at some point. It’s the best practice that provides the option of a convenience to customers and those are your bread-and-butter. Understanding the ins and outs of overnight shipping is important, and what is the new normal, you have to ensure that it is the right thing financially and logistically for your business. It can feel complicated to organize overnight shipping solutions, but with the right company you’ll be able to impress your customers while also managing a smooth transition to overnight shipping from the shipping.


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