How To Shine With Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime! 

Outsourcing Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime and Scaling Your Business 

You know the hassles that can occur when ordering something from Amazon not fulfilled by Prime. Packages can be delayed, lost or damaged making delivery more challenging. Not to mention eCommerce owners and profit margins can take a hike. However, ShipJoy has solutions for scaling your business and protecting your assets. Here you can take the new road, scaling your online business. It’s time to shine with Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime!

What’s the Difference Between FBA and SFP?

The difference between FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon and SFP or Seller Fulfilled Prime are: Amazon ships and fills your orders versus you shipping or outsourcing and meeting the demands of both consumer and program. By not using Amazon as your inventory center or warehouse you’ll benefit in more ways than one.

How Can eCommerce Owners Benefit?

Some ways you can benefit becoming an SFP is being in control. You and ShipJoy can pick, pack and ship items to the consumer avoiding costly delays, mishandling and other logistical nightmares. You’ll also provide quality in shipping to your customers.  In addition, you’ll be trumping Amazon’s algorithms resulting in higher rank and potentially qualify for the Buy Box.

What is the Buy Box? 

The Buy Box is a cute set of words which Amazon seeks advantages with product and buyer. Advantages can be least expensive seller, type of shipping offered or availability of goods. Amazon decides based on their criteria, awarding sellers the best of all worlds. If you own an eCommerce business, you’ll want to get in on the action as much as possible because, the Buy Box ultimately creates more profits for the seller. 

Become an Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime company and outsource your shipping giving both you and your customers the win-win.

Buckle Down with ShipJoy 

Just like the Buy Box, the seller must meet all requirements to qualify for seller fulfilled prime services. Outsourcing your shipping to a reliable company like ShipJoy buckles you up, meeting Amazon’s rules. Here are the rules you must meet and follow for SFP.

Requirements for Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime:

  1. Complete and maintain your professional selling account with Amazon.
  2. Must send out at least 30–premium shipping orders within 30-days or less. Both One-Day and Two-Day Shipping are key. This is where a good company like ShipJoy places you ahead of your competition. 
  3. Select your buy shipping service delivery partners and set up designated times of 4:00 PM or later. The correct partners would be USPS, FEDEX and UPS to name a few.
  4. Maintain a 4.5-star rating or higher 
  5. Provide valid tracking i.d. numbers
  6. Have less than 1% shipping order cancellations 
  7. Deliver on time. 
  8. Provide Amazon with details on your recent orders including ID number, printing labels and how you manage your orders. 
  9. Provide SKU’s to the prime trial orders 

You’re on a 90-Day Probation with Amazon

Falling behind the ball on any of these requirements within 90-days could lead to cancellation or termination of your privilege. Leave the shipping to the company leading your progress. ShipJoy is on the inside track for the ASF program and will ultimately help you shine all the way to the bank.

While these may seem like strict guidelines, partnering with an excellent shipping company such as ShipJoy helps you stay on target and on point with both Amazon and the consumer. Contact us today and partner with “The” eCommerce shipping experts.