Selling On Amazon & Fulfilling Those Orders

Amazon is the world’s biggest eCommerce marketplace. It can be the perfect platform for connecting with customers around the globe and selling your product. Below are just a few golden tips for successful Amazon selling. 


Optimize product information


Providing thorough product information can help to win over the trust of buyers. You should also try to optimize your product details by adding in the right keywords so people searching for your product can easily find it. This is an Amazon selling trick that is essential for attracting customers to your product listing.


Use professional product photos


Customers will be less trusting of your company if your product photos look amateurish or don’t show enough of the product. Ecommerce product photos should always be taken by a professional photographer in order to display your product in the best light. It’s worth providing multiple photos taken from different angles (you could even create a 3D photo to display with your product).


Leverage reviews


An Amazon product with lots of positive reviews is more likely to win over the trust of customers. Make sure that you’re encouraging reviews, either by sending follow-up emails after a purchase or by providing a thank you note in the delivery box that asks customers to kindly leave a review. 


Don’t neglect customer service


A mistake that many eCommerce businesses make is neglecting customer service. On top of focusing your energy on Amazon selling, make sure that you’re answering inquiries from customers and assisting with returns. Just because you may not interact with customers face to face does not mean you cannot communicate with them via email or phone. Be available for customers that want to get in touch with you directly. 


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