One Day Delivery: The Game Changer

There is no denying that Amazon’s Prime delivery has accelerated the demand for one-day delivery. Consumers have increasingly become accustomed to receiving their orders within this short time period, and as such, the e-commerce industry has had to adapt to this challenging development.

However, one advantage the e-commerce behemoth had was the ability to put infrastructure on pace to fulfill one-day delivery orders before rolling out the service. Retailers need a well-optimized supply chain that will help them retain competitiveness and stay relevant within their market.

Alternative Delivery Techniques

Last-mile delivery is complicated. Goods must be carried to their final destination – frequently a residence – after arriving at a high-capacity freight station or port. Individual package delivery is inefficient and thus more expensive. To cover the void, alternative delivery techniques such as pick-up lockers and drones are becoming more widespread.

Overcoming Challenges

One way to overcome the challenges associated with one day delivery is to partner with a logistics & fulfillment service that can help you optimize your supply chain and source the right third-party services for your company.

Companies can benefit from a range of services at their disposal that maybe weren’t open to them when managing their own supply chain. A well-optimized omnichannel supply chain will keep retailers relevant and competitive.

Being able to satisfy the need for one-day delivery options for customers will help you deliver on-demand and support your business all year round and manage expectations.

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