Gift With Purchase-Does It Really Work?

You may have heard that offering a free gift with purchase works to increase your conversion rates. According to what the experts have to say this strategy actually does work. The offer of a free give has a psychological effect that is irresistible. 

The Science Behind Giving Away a Free Gift

Studies are showing that offering a free gift will motivate the customer to purchase the main item. It is also likely that the customer will not return the main item if they change their mind about it, once the free gift is seen as valuable. 


To make a free gift promotion effective, you should pair the main item with a gift that it can be used with. For example, if you are selling a convection oven, it makes sense to give away free baking tins. 


The baking tins are less valuable than a convection oven but it is something that the customer is likely to need when they are using the oven. This will be an attractive gift even if they already have a set of baking tins. This is the powerful psychological effect of a free gift. 

Free Gifts with Children Products

If your product is geared towards children you will find that offering a free gift with purchase works even better than it does with adults. Children often see free gifts, especially if it is a toy as extremely valuable even more so than adults.  


Since the joy of their children is such a priority, many parents will buy a product that has a free gift that excites their child. They are also likely to buy the product again if their child wants another one of the gifts.


Even when you give a free gift, fast order fulfillment is still important for your reputation. If you would like to increase your sales by providing fast shipping on all items you sell in your store, please contact us.