Create & Maintain An Efficient Warehouse

When you need to house a lot of products and run an efficient warehouse, there are a number of areas you need to look at to ensure everything operates smoothly. A well-run operation is more profitable, safer and leads to better customer service. 


Here are our top tips for getting your warehouse in shape. 

Choose containers and pallets carefully

When deciding which containers and pallets you will be using, don’t automatically choose the cheapest option, this could be a false economy. Look at the type of products you will be storing and then pick the most appropriate. You will need to strike a balance between cost, durability, size and shape. 

Spend time designing racking space

A truly efficient warehouse uses its space cleverly. That means that your racking needs to be designed in order to make the best use of that space. Think of vertical space as well as floor space. 


Using a modular system that can scale as you need it might cost more initially, but is much cheaper than starting again when you need to add to your racking as you grow. 

Automate your processes

Manual processes are becoming a thing of the past in most warehousing operations. If you want to run a modern and efficient warehouse, then you need to invest in the latest technology and automate as many of your tasks as possible. 


Cloud-based warehouse management software systems can give you an accurate, up to date overview of your inventory and orders in real-time. It can also manage warehouse layout design, job assignments and reporting. 


If you are a large warehouse or are going to be expanding in the near future, then look at voice-activated systems too. 


Don’t stockpile product

There can be an economy of scale in having large amounts of products produced, but these products have to be stored. Holding too much product costs money and resources. Instead, use a lean process to forecast what you need and don’t overstock your warehouse. 

Focus on safety

Unfortunately, the potential for accident and injury in a warehouse is considerably higher than in many other types of workplaces. Having a clean, well laid out and well-run warehouse will experience far fewer incidents. Never take shortcuts and make safety a priority. 

Use ShipJoy as your fulfillment partner

At ShipJoy, we know how to run an efficient warehouse, because that’s what we do. We use the latest logistics technology and processes to ensure that we deliver on your promises. Many of our customers use our fulfillment service to handle stock at busy times of the year, or even outsource their entire fulfillment needs to us permanently. They concentrate on selling products and we deal with warehousing and logistics.

If you’d like to see how we do things at ShipJoy, and hear from some of our very happy customers, head over to our Facebook page to see our state of the art warehousing and fulfillment facilities and contact us to see how we could be helping you delight your customers.